# Options

# Basic Config

The following symbology options are available:

Enumerated type Type Meaning Required? Default value
symbology SymbologyType The enumerated type of the symbology (see Reference for a list). Yes
height Number The height of the image. If specified, this will maintain the aspect ratio. No 50
whitespaceWidth Number Width of whitespace, for barcodes which have this option. No 0
borderWidth Number Width of border. No 0
outputOptions OutputOption Symbology-specific output options. No 0
foregroundColor String Barcode foreground color. Supports alpha channels (opens new window). No FFFFFFFF
backgroundColor String Barcode background color. Supports alpha channels (opens new window). No 000000FF
fileName String Full path to the file to render. Yes*
scale Number Scale of the barcode image. Applies only to PNG. No 1.0
option1 Number Symbology-type-specific option value. No null
option2 Number Symbology-type-specific option value. No null
option3 Number Symbology-type-specific option value. No null
showHumanReadableText Boolean Show or hide the symbology data as human-readable text (if applicable). No true
encoding EncodingMode The enumerated encoding type of input data. No EncodingMode.DATA_MODE
eci Number ECI encoding mode. No 0
primary String Primary message data for more complex symbols. No null
rotation Number Clockwise rotation of the SymbologyType. Valid values are 0, 90, 180, or 270. No 0
dotSize Number Size of dot used in BARCODE_DOTTY_MODE. No 0.8
text String Human-readable text to display. Defaults to the input data value. No (Data value)

* required only if using createFile().

# Output Options

The outputOptions key in the SymbologyConfig object can be used to adjust various aspects of the rendered symbology.

Value Effect
BARCODE_NO_ASCII No options selected. (default)
BARCODE_BIND Boundary bars above and below the symbol and between rows if stacking.
BARCODE_BOX Add a box surrounding the symbol and whitespace.
READER_INIT Add a reader initialisation symbol to the data before EncodingMode.
SMALL_TEXT Use a smaller font for the human readable text.
BOLD_TEXT Embolden the human readable text.
CMYK_COLOUR Select the CMYK colour space option for encapsulated PostScript files.
BARCODE_DOTTY_MODE Plot a matrix symbol using dots rather than squares.
GS1_GS_SEPARATOR Use GS instead FNC1 as GS1 separator.

# Multiple Options

Options can be applied using the OutputOption enumerated type.

Multiple options can be selected by adding them together in the outputOptions value.

Deprecation Notice

Starting in version 2.1.0, the Options enum has been renamed to OutputOption, and Options will be removed in the next major release.

# Example

import {
} from 'symbology'

  symbology: SymbologyType.CODE128,
  outputOptions: OutputOption.BARCODE_BIND + OutputOption.READER_INIT
}, '12345', OutputType.PNG)