yarn add symbology

Non-Ubuntu Linux distributions

The default Linux pre-built binaries are designed to run on Ubuntu. Running Symbology on some non-Ubuntu Linux distros may result in segmentation faults or strange behavior. These problems can be circumvented by building Symbology from the source instead of using the default binary.

Using Yarn:

npm_config_build_from_source=true yarn add symbology

Using npm:

npm i symbology --build-from-source=true

Building a fresh binary

The following command can be run to create a fresh build:

yarn install:rebuild

Binary download failures

If you run into issues downloading the binary, the library will attempt to compile the module from source.

Manual compilation

You may also compile from source by running npm rebuild. See below for OS-specific details.

Compiling on Windows

Ensure you have windows-build-toolsopen in new window globally installed, which bundles Visual C++ Build Tools.

yarn global add windows-build-tools

Then you can compile the module by running npm rebuild in your project directory.

Compiling on Linux or macOS

Simply run npm rebuild in your project directory. node-gyp will utilize the OS's bundled GCC compiler.